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5 Reasons to Choose Us

Unrivalled Experience

The clue is in our name, “The Original Box Sash Windows Company”. Way back in the 1970’s our founder John Rose, then a young salesman working for an aluminium windows company, was disheartened seeing the original and still beautiful wooden frames being ripped out of period properties and replaced with metal ones. No-one thought it could be done, but determined to do find a better solution he left his job, teamed up with a local carpenter, and true to his ambition became the very first person to design, develop and manufacture high quality double glazed replacement wooden windows. The rest, as they say, is history. Even today it’s all we do; hardwood windows and doors. No softwood, no aluminium, no UPVC. And with more than 40 years of continuous innovation, honing, product development and thousands of satisfied customers behind us you can be sure that by choosing us you are in the right hands. The original as we say, and, we proudly like to think, the best as well.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Working with wood is not just a skill, it’s our passion. Everything we make is created in our own workshops by a team of ten dedicated craftsmen who between them have nearly 200 years of experience. These are individuals with an intimate knowledge of what constitutes the very best sash window, casement window, French door or front door, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. Every job is different, and every job is one hundred percent bespoke – Victorian, Edwardian or later, or even just replacing what’s already there – whatever the style and period of your home we can design, manufacture and hand finish a perfect match, or simply just complement the existing windows and window furniture, both inside and out. Talk to our friendly Sales Team about what you are looking for, they will be happy to help and get you started. 

Focus and Attention to Detail

From the largest hardwood frame to the fit and finish of the tiniest hinge or catch. There is no use sourcing the very best materials if you don’t then use them effectively. We even make our own double glazed sealed glass units from scratch because we couldn’t find a reliable source to produce them consistently to our own exacting standards. That way we can control the quality at every stage from start to finish. The bottom line is that traditional windows and doors were never made to a common set of building standards as they are today, and so replacing or repairing them (yes, we do that too) means that every piece we manufacture and install is not only different but entirely bespoke. It’s all about precision, function and fitness for purpose. Box sash windows have always been engineered to use cords and lead weights, for example, and until something better comes along we still use them today. At the same time we are up to date on sustainability. From cutting and joinery to painting, glazing and finishing, no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Nothing is wasted either – even the sawdust we collect through our dust extraction system is given to local stables in South Wales to make bedding for their horses.

It’s All About the Wood

Only solid hardwood timber can create the strongest and longest lasting wooden windows and doors, and for that reason and that reason alone it’s the only material we use. Sourced from sustainable growers in Africa we exclusively use Idigbo wood, an exceptional quality hardwood that’s similar in appearance to Oak. Easy to work with it never warps and is incredibly water resistant, unlike modern engineered woods that many companies use and which can deteriorate over the years from moisture retention. It’s also naturally termite resistant; not an issue you might think, except that colonies of these destructive insects have recently been discovered in South West England for the very first time. Maybe it’s a problem waiting to happen, maybe it isn’t – but either way it’s  another example of how we are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the game, just in case. Teamed with a microporous water based paint it’s no surprise then that all our timber comes with a transferable Lifetime Guarantee.


Replacement windows are a significant investment in your home, and when you buy from us what you demand in return is not just a quality product to be proud of but also more warmth, less noise, better security and peace of mind. All of that is a given. Recommendations and referrals are hugely important to us, hence why we also invest so much time and energy in exceptional aftercare and customer service, all of it backed up by a lifetime warranty on frames and parts and 10 years on glazing.

Yet from the moment you choose us and sign on the dotted line your new windows and doors also become part of a much wider and enduring partnership. Long after they have been made and installed and with written guarantees that are transferable to the new owners should you ever move house, they will always be a part of The Original Box Sash Windows family. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously, and it’s an integral part of the commitment we make to each and every customer.

So contact us to arrange a quotation visit and we can create a beautiful and enduring legacy for you and your home.

Traditional Meets Performance

Our traditional timber sash windows and doors have delighted customers for over 40 years. Combining elegance with exceptional standards of performance, insulation, security and finish, our products are of the very highest quality.

Technical Excellence Since 1979 

We invented the double glazed sash window. A patent was recorded in 1995. We have since released the patent.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee on Frames. 10 year Guarantee on Glazing. Lifetime Guarantee of Parts. All insured by the Independent Warranty Association.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company

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