How To Transform Your House In 2020

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We all get those moments of house envy, whether flicking through an interior design magazine or visiting a friend’s home that has been updated with all the latest fixtures and fittings. So much so that many of us get tempted to abandon our house entirely and start looking on property websites for our dream abode.

However, it is unlikely your fantasy forever home will suddenly appear before you and, if it did, it would probably be out of your budget. But fear not, as you don’t need to pack up your belongings and relocate to get the house of your dreams – you simply need to be creative with what you do to your current residence.

There are so many ways you can transform a house, simply by installing new features, extending the property, or even just by switching up the layout. This way you can spend the money you would have put towards a house move on a complete overhaul, and be able to update your dwelling time and time again without needing to involve lawyers, removal companies, and estate agents to help.

If you fancy updating your property, why not consider doing so with the latest styles in mind? Here is our pick of the top interior design trends for 2020 that we think would look great in every house next year.


  • Let the light in

As winter approaches, we might not get many hours of natural light, which is why it is even more important to maximise daylight hours as much as possible. You can do this by installing tall sash windows throughout a property.

These impressive features will make a huge difference in brightening up a house, as they are much larger than traditional UPVC styles.

Not only do they make a home feel lighter, they add a unique style to a property, and have a big impact on its kerb-side appeal. A house with elaborate sash windows will distinctly stand out when compared with one that has ordinary windows, so if your dream is to own a property that attracts attention from the roadside, this could be the best way to achieve this.

They look particularly great in period-style homes as well, so whether you have a Victorian terrace or a detached Georgian property, tall sash windows will complement the other vintage fixtures and fittings perfectly. Therefore, you might find you don’t have to bring your home into the 21st Century so much as enhance the beautiful original features it already has.


  • Go warmer with colours

Light grey has been the interior colour of choice for the last few years, with tonnes of homeowners splashing ‘cool slate’ on to their walls, ‘ash’ on to the furniture, and ‘pebble’ on to their floors with boundless enthusiasm.

However, it might be time to switch up your colour palette, as cool grey will be swapped for warmer tones in 2020. According to Ideal Home, yellow-based neutral colours will take over, as residents look to brighten up their properties.

“Embrace warm neutrals, from oatmeal and natural buff. Beige makes a comeback as the perfect base colour to build upon,” it stated.

While you might not want to reintroduce magnolia back into your property after the shade was used in abundance during the ‘00s, it is certainly time to think outside the ‘grey’ box.

Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2020 also steps away from grey, as its Tranquil Dawn shade offers a hint of nature with every stroke.

Inspired by the morning sky – hence its name – Dulux says: “This versatile shade of green can be used to create spaces for care or for play, to find meaning or for creativity.”

It is recommended as an accent colour that works particularly well with darker olive greens, dusky lilac, or even an ashy-blue. Dulux also recommends using it to create a two-tone wall with its previous Colour of the Year, Spiced Honey.

The shade of 2019 was acclaimed for “achieving a balance between boutique hotel chic and real house warmth” and, while not being the chosen colour for next year, is still a popular choice for interior design.


  • To the max!

Homeowners have been on a drive to de-clutter over the last few years, trying to get rid of their knick-knacks in favour of a more minimalist design. However, those who struggle to throw away their random bits and bobs can breathe a sigh of relief, as this is all about to change.

Maximalism is back with vengeance next year, with fashionable houses being those that are full of quirky fixtures and clashing designs.

Instead of clearing away your work surfaces so they’re completely sparse, swapping your bookcase for a modern e-book, or stripping all your family photos off the wall, this year is when you’ll bring back personal touches that really make your house a home.

Be2adorn says to expect “vibrant colour spaces, enriched with unlikely mixtures of patterns, materials and shapes, complemented by striking design pieces”.

It added: “There will be no shortage of walls decorated with paintings or any other creative decorations – always accompanied by others!”

This is great news for those who can’t but help have their children’s drawings hanging on the walls, travel souvenirs on their shelves, and a random selection of cushions on their couches.

Even if the patterns clash, this doesn’t matter next year, as it is all about adding personality and soul into your living space.


  • Back to black

While white country-style kitchens have been the most popular design choice for homeowners over the last decade, it is time to turn this on its head.

Instead of trying to create a quaint kitchen that would look great in a thatched-roof cottage, homeowners will be bringing their abodes into the modern era next year with sleek, shiny and black kitchens.

New Décor Trends claims black will become the most popular shade for kitchen cupboards, worktops and appliances in 2020, as people want a more contemporary look in their properties.

“Black is a very elegant, sophisticated and avant-garde colour, which will undoubtedly make the kitchen super attractive,” the article stated.

It recommended complementing the dark shade with other colours and textures, saying: “These kitchens are balanced by the brightness of metals and the presence of some plants.”

Adding greenery to a kitchen could bring in the element of nature, while exposed brick, tarnished metals and dark woods add an industrial design to a modern kitchen.

For a more homely feel, why not paint one wall in chalkboard paint so you and your family can draw pictures and leave messages to each other? This will certainly add a personal touch to a modern kitchen, while remain in keeping with the ‘black’ design of 2020.


  • Stick to three colours

For every room you redesign, the trick to successful interior design for next year is to stick to three colours only. This includes for your wall, furniture and any upholstery.

This will allow your features to really stand out without being overshadowed by other contrasting shades in the room.

According to House Beautiful: “It’s good to narrow down your choice to no more than three: a main hue, which may be reflected in your upholstery; a contrast; and a highlight.”

Its recommended three shades for 2020 are muted pink, baby blue and neo-mint green, which complement each other well, while also standing strong on their own.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding complementary tones, a colour wheel that shows different shades that look good together could be a useful tool when you come to transforming your home next year.