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You can protect and enhance the value of your property by maintaining its original features. Windows and doors are the most prominent of these.

All The Original Box Sash Windows Company’s Windows and Doors are made and designed just like a period property’s originals… solid hardwood timber because they last the longest.

Together with our super-slim sealed units, additional draught proofing, stiles, glazing bars and mouldings, we have all the original features to make your replacement windows enhance the traditional of your property.

We make all our own glazing units to provide the best heat retention and sound proofing properties.

Our sealed glass units can be perfectly matched to all character/period windows and doors. Triple benefit, completely unobtrusive and optional super-slim sealed glazing looks just like the original.

Our units can be confidently used in conjunction with Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian timber glazing bars, which are made by us to match the traditional ones.

Detail from our timber glazing bar system, providing slim, elegant bars for period and character properties.

Super-slim, gas filled glass sealed units, which we make ourselves with triple benefit for saving heating costs, security and noise reduction in period and character windows.

Warm edge-seal and matching glazing lines.