Top Interior Design Trends For 2019

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Whether you have just moved into a house or your interior design is starting to look a bit tired and out-dated, this could be the ideal time to whip out the paint brush and give your home a new lease of life.

But many people without their finger on the pulse of design trends will feel at a loss when it comes to choosing new wallpapers, furniture, windows or floorings. With so much choice available these days, decisions about décor can feel even more overwhelming.

That is why we have put together the top interior design trends for 2019, so you can feel confident that whatever changes you do make to your property will be current and stylish.


  • Get rid of the past

Sometimes while we do not necessarily know what is in fashion, we can immediately see what is no longer considered current.

That is why the first place to start when redecorating your home is getting rid of all the features that have dated over the last few years. While it is true that trends are cyclical – and indeed, you’ll notice the 1970s are having a huge influence on interior design at the moment – there are some things that just seem dated.

For instance, those who can remember their properties from the 1990s will be familiar with wicker furniture, floral wallpaper, pine bedroom sets, textured paint, inflatable sofas, dark wood, and overly-long curtains with lots of swag.

Similarly, avocado bathroom suites are unlikely to become popular again; round beds are best left in the ‘60s, and many homeowners have spent so long removing artex ceilings from their properties, it is probably not going to be en vogue anytime soon.

Therefore, if you can see any piece of furniture, fixture, fitting or fabric in your home that belongs to another decade, it is probably best to throw it into the skip. Looking to the future, your net curtains, lino floorings, yellow wooden kitchens, and silk bedspreads do not feature in it.


  • Copper Features

Perhaps the most popular interior design trend of the year has to be copper accents. Whether you’re redesigning your kitchen, you want to update your bedroom, or you’re bringing your hallway into the 21st century, you can include some copper features wherever your design plans take you.

This metallic touch will add a variety of texture to the room, while giving it a natural, industrial look as well. Lots of homeowners choose to incorporate copper into their redecorating with large lampshades, but you can also fit metallic coat racks, shelving, toasters, kettles, vases, and tableware, as well as a few kitchen stools.

For this reason, it is easiest to add copper touches into your kitchen or dining room, but this minimalistic look is classy throughout the home.

According to Paula from Hill House Vintage, speaking with Hello! magazine, a mix of metals is also a good idea.

“I like a house to look as though it has layers of history, so a mix of metals rather than a strict trend towards one type is music to my ears. It feels natural and authentic in a home that has changed over time. Copper, brass and muted gold are all warm, timeless and steeped in history,” she stated.


  • Beige is the new grey

In 2018, everyone who redecorated their house probably chose to paint it some sort of shade of grey. The colour was a huge hit last year, giving homeowners the chance to stick with a neutral tone without having to cover their house in magnolia, a shade that came and went in the ‘00s.

While lots of property owners loved the subtly of grey tones, it has received some criticism recently. Housing expert Kirstie Allsopp, famous for presenting Location, Location, Location for the last 19 years, shocked Twitter followers when she revealed her dislike for the neutral colour.

She took to her social media page to say: “Think twice before painting a house grey, even the palest grey. It seems to be very fashionable at the moment and I’ve yet to see it done really successfully.”

Her comments created a storm, with many people posting photos of their newly-decorated houses in various shades of grey.

She clarified her opinion by saying “large expanses of grey risk light loss”, and therefore, grey walls can make rooms feel darker and smaller.

Those who agree with Allsopp will then be relieved to hear that Dulux recently named Spice Honey the Colour of the Year for 2019. The tone is still neutral, does not look the slightest bit magnolia, but adds warmth to rooms that grey and white fail to do.

Explaining the choice, Dulux stated: “Spiced Honey is incredibly versatile and can be paired with different colours to achieve a variety of looks, depending on the atmosphere that you want to create in your home – from soothing and calm, to cosy or vibrant.”

It went on to say the warm tone works well with earthy shades as well as bright, bold ones.


  • Update windows

You can repaint your house in any colour, but if you are planning a full property update, it is a good idea to give some thought to your windows. Old windows not only age a home considerably, but they can make your energy bills much higher than they should be.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing single-glazed windows with double-glazing could save as much as £120 over the year for a detached house. Even those in a mid-floor flat can cut their energy bills by £100 per annum, which will certainly make the investment worth it in the end.

Once you have decided to upgrade your windows, it is still worth keeping style in mind, particularly if you want it to look as good as your newly-decorated house. That is why sash windows in Middlesex are a great option, as they give a timeless look to a property while still having the modern features of good-quality double-glazed windows.


  • Back to nature

One of the most popular trends of the year has to be décor that reflects nature. To create this look, think Scandi interiors with a mix of rainforest thrown in.

Ideal Home magazine said this understated, minimalistic look “makes a big impact”, incorporating a lot of textures, such as wood, wicker, wool and sheepskin.

Colours are typically muted, so they complement each other, and there are a lot of soft furnishings in natural fabrics.

Come Down to the Woods’ Katie also told Hello! that natural influences are currently having a big influence on interior design, and homeowners can achieve this by making large plants important features in certain rooms.

“Biophilic interiors. The concept of connecting our home environment to nature by bringing elements from the outside in. Think plants, natural materials light and patterns replicated from nature,” Katie said.

As well as having real plants in the house, you could add leaf print rugs, tropical bedspreads or cushions, and even wallpapers.

Ideal Home stated: “This summery botanical trend is testament that our love of nature continues to grow.”

You might choose to adopt this long in a more subtle way, with muted textures and a terrarium of cactuses. Or, you could be as bold as you like, buying new bedding with large tropical prints on and pineapple-shaped features to dot around the room.

Whatever you choose to do, it is worth putting some money aside to buy some key pieces that bring your ideas to life. According to Marcus by Goldman Sachs, women are more likely to save for interior home improvements than men, with ten per cent of females setting aside cash for interior furnishings, compared with eight per cent of the general public.

However, it is definitely worthwhile saving up for these, as it is the smaller décor features that help create the bigger picture.