Tips To Refresh the House In The New Year

By January 16, 2020 No Comments

Now that the Christmas decor has been put away for another year, it’s possible, no matter how beautiful your period home, that it’s looking a bit drab, but there are many ways to freshen up your home without having to break the bank. Timber window experts in London can help guide you to a fresh new look.

Having a cleansing purge throughout the house is always a good start to the year. Ideal Home magazine has a whole 12 month calendar of cleaning and sorting jobs to help with all the jobs that need to be done, and tips on how to effectively sort out the unused and unwanted items from your home, that only ever seem fit to gather dust.

A few small, but carefully chosen upgrades to the exterior of your home can greatly enhance the kerb appeal of your home. A shiny new house number or letterbox is a great way of creating a cheery welcome to visitors, as well as making sure your timber sash windows and frames are looking clean.

Cleaning the gutters might seem a laborious chore, but clearing out all the dead leaves and debris will prevent any blockages and any potential water damage occurring. Replace any damaged gutters or downpipes, and make sure the drains and grating are free and clear of debris.

If your period home has a working pantry, it’s a good time of year to completely empty it. Wipe all the shelves with a damp cloth, and before putting everything back, get rid of anything past its sell by date. Wipe everything else down before putting it back, and spend a few minutes organising the shelves and produce in to categories to make it easier to find things when you need them.

Rearranging the furniture is always a cost-free way of changing the appearance of a room. No matter whether it’s the living room, the dining room, or the bedroom, even the smallest of changes can bring a new look. New cushions and pillows on furniture and beds is relatively inexpensive and a good way to switch things up.

The coffee table is likely to be a centre of chaos, where items are left, a free-for-all for miscellaneous items, magazines and books. Add an ornate tray to keep things like coasters and remote controls contained, and a carefully selected book or two helps create a centre piece and create calm, not chaos!

Bring more nature into your home by adding some potted plants around the house. If there are any old and dying plants that can’t be rescued, get rid of them, and find places for the new ones where they can get all the daylight they need to flourish. Botanicals are an interior trend for 2020, so bring the outdoors in!

If your sash windows are looking old and tired, draughty and full on condensation, then get in touch today with our London sash window experts to see how we can fit new timber windows for you.