Secondary Glazing

Where double glazing is not a suitable option, Secondary Glazing can be an effective way to improve the comfort of your home and the performance of your traditional timber windows. Our discreet Secondary Glazing fits snugly on the interior of your windows, leaving the original fittings intact and untouched, so you can enjoy all the benefits of modern, double-glazed windows, including lower levels of noise pollution, heat loss and energy expenditure. Your windows can achieve their ultimate insulation performance with installation of both Secondary Glazing and also Draught Proofing of the existing outside window.



Our Secondary Glazing can be tailored to suit your exact requirements, featuring the precise number and size of panels that you require, with single or double openers, and horizontal or vertical opening format for ultimate ease of use.

windowsWindow Type

Because all of our secondary glazing solutions are made bespoke to your personal needs, they can be installed on a wide variety of windows types, including sash windows, casement / hinged windows, in addition to out-of-square, shaped, arched or curved windows.

featherLightweight Glazing

We are able to create a lightweight version of our secondary glazing solution for when affordability is paramount. Despite its lower cost, our economical range of secondary glazing still delivers first rate benefits including enhanced heat retention, improved draught prevention and effective noise reduction.

Key Benefits