The Most Desired Property Types In The UK

By January 31, 2020 No Comments

Period homes are always highly sought after properties, but do we have any particular preferences as to what period we desire the most? Do modern builds leave you cold and dreaming of a Victorian terrace, or maybe you have your eye on a grand Edwardian country house for when those lottery numbers come in?

While most Brits would still like to enjoy the benefits of modern conveniences in their homes, and making sure their homes are eco-friendly and efficient, we still want the charm and elegance provided by classic period properties.

Almost a full quarter of Brits feel that  are the ones we want. With entire cities boasting the grandeur of Georgian style and architecture, such as Edinburgh, Bath, and Brighton, the popularity of these properties means they can attract London style prices.

The Georgian era of architecture counts between 1714 and 1830. This elegant style of house design drew influence from the classical grandeur of Greece and Rome. The architecture is very symmetrical and features many ornate decorative touches, and curries favour over more modern designs. Georgian properties often appear quite plain. They are often built with brick and stone, sash windows, and later with stucco.

The next favourite period home was Victorian, followed closely by Tudor style homes. However, owning a Regency townhouse or a Robert Adam country pile is something only to be contemplated in their wildest fantasies, a purely aspirational dream for most Brits.

Cities such as Glasgow and Manchester have architecture with much stronger links to the Victorian period, to reflect the industrial boom during the reign of Queen Victoria. The gothic revival between 1837 and 1901 meant that homes built around then had a more asymmetric design, with pointed arches and elaborate patterns.

The majority of homes built before the Victorian period were owned by the gentry, or at least wealthy landowners, whereas wealth in the Victorian era was spread across society in the wake of the Industrial Revolution and houses became less grand and more accessible.

This meant that it was necessary to build more homes, which is why the Victorian period is characterised by rows of terraced housing on narrow streets.

Tudor properties are from a much earlier period, 1485 to 1603, and are rather distinctive, with their black and white appearance making them easily recognisable. It’s common to see exposed timber frames, thatched roofs, and narrow windows.

No matter the type of period house you desire or live in, for timber and sash windows that fit the style of your Hampshire home, then get in touch with us today.