Cold Blast ‘To Last Till December’

By November 24, 2019 No Comments

Homeowners are bound to have found out if their property has any insulation issues after temperatures were sent spiralling this week.

As autumn has been relatively mild so far, the cold weather many areas of the UK experienced during the first half of the week came as a bit of a shock, with some people seeing outside temperatures drop to below zero.

Indeed, Braemar in north-east Scotland recorded the lowest temperature of the autumn/winter in Britain so far, with its mercury readings coming in at -9.9C on Monday night (November 18th).

It was not just northern Scotland that experienced frosty conditions, as temperatures dropped all over the UK and the Met Office issued yellow cold weather warnings across the country.

It revealed there was a “70 per cent probability of severe cold weather”, resulting in possible disruptions and an increase in health risks to vulnerable people, the Express reported.

While most of us will have wanted to stay tucked up and warm at home, it is even more important that those who are vulnerable – including children, sick people, the elderly and pregnant women – make sure they keep their properties well-heated during this cold spell.

This could mean it is time to replace your old windows with modern timber windows in Berkshire that are double-glazed and, therefore, better insulated.

Even if you already have double-glazing, according to Forbes, well-maintained windows last only two decades. However, panes that are older than this or have not been looked after properly since they were installed might be in need of replacing sooner rather than later.

Indeed, the Energy Saving Trust said there are many benefits of new, more energy-efficient windows, including a reduction in heat loss, as well as protecting against external noise, and reducing condensation build-up.

New windows will help homeowners to save money on their energy bills, as well as keep them safe and warm during cold spells. The organisation estimates a detached house could save as much as £120 a year on their heating costs in England, Scotland and Wales by installing double-glazing.

This could be very important to note as temperatures are not expected to improve any time soon, with the worst of the weather set to hit during the first week of December.

Netweather TV maps, revealed to the Express, showed heavy snowfall across Scotland, Wales and England. Many areas will face a snow risk of 75 per cent or higher, thanks to a cold blast coming in from the Arctic on December 6th.

WXCharts also predicts snowfall could reach up to 25cm in Inverness and Cardiff, and between five and ten cm in Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool. It is thought the average wind chill could drop to -10C across the whole of Britain that week, making it feel even colder than the lowest temperatures experienced already this season.

The Met Office warns Brits to be more winter ready, after it revealed 66 per cent of people admit to having been caught out by severe weather and nearly three-quarters do not feel ready for colder conditions.