Best Ways To Improve, Not Move

By November 28, 2017 No Comments

If you’re tired of ugly PVC windows, moving is definitely one way to get a home you love, but you might find yourself better in the current climate to find the best sash windows East Sussex has to offer as a replacement. It’s one of those home improvement ideas which can add some serious value to your home when done right.

If you need a few more ideas to sit alongside your new sash windows before you’re convinced to stay put, Richard Burr offers his top tips for giving your home a new lease of life.

Start off by finding copies of the plans for your house. Re-draw them out onto some graph paper and play around with what can potentially be done to add some extra space to rooms. Sometimes when you’re in a room full of furniture, it can be hard to get a sense of the true nature of the space, but when on paper, with all the furniture and clutter removed, you’ll be surprised what you might come up with. Losing part of a hallway or sacrificing an underused cupboard can completely change an adjoining room

Sometimes removing the clutter you’ve accumulated over the years or re-homing those pieces of furniture that you’ve accidentally come into possession of, but yet never really fitted the space, can make a huge amount of difference. Sell some of the things you don’t need and put the money towards some space-saving pieces of furniture that perfectly fit the room.

Extend your property or convert a loft space, as both these options will undoubtedly add value to the property. Many terraced houses usually have rather small kitchens so adding an extension is a great way of creating an open plan kitchen diner or breakfast room.