How To Care For Sash Windows | Sash Windows Sussex

After you’ve had sash windows in Sussex installed, you need to do a bit of light reading to find out how best to look after them so they stand the test of time. Here are a few tips to help you clean your windows and make sure your new investment is properly cared for over the years.

Do it regularly
You should clean your windows periodically to ensure they stay looking good. How often will depend on where you live and the environment your windows have to face, but it makes sense to give the frame a good clean whenever you come to polish up the glass.

What to use
To lubricate the sliding parts of your sash window, using something like a beeswax polish or a silicone spray. Never use oil-based products on your new windows. When cleaning the glass, use something like a clean cloth and washing up liquid and warm water. Don’t use solvent-based cleaners as these can scratch your windows and leave permanent marks on the glass.

Check the drainage holes
Over time, the drainage holes in your window can become blocked so as you’re cleaning always check that they’re clear to make sure they drain water away properly.

Be careful with the external travel stops
You might want to remove the external travel stops for cleaning and if so, just make sure that you don’t slide the sash as this could see the balances overstretched. This will permanently damage your sash windows.

Use long-lasting paint
When having your windows installed or if you’re giving the paintwork a bit of a refresh, choose along-lasting paint as this can really help you keep your windows in good condition.

Get the experts in
Yes, you should be inspecting your windows at least once a year but it’s also wise to call in qualified and professional sash window repair companies every four years or so to avoid any big problems in the future. Common issues include sticking windows, cracked paintwork, broken cords, failed putty and timber decay.

Choose products with a lifetime guarantee
Here at Box Sash Windows, our timber windows come with a lifetime guarantee. If any of the parts required need replacing, we’ll supply them free of charge. Details of your installation are kept on file so we can easily and quickly source the parts required.