Sash windows Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is home to some stunning examples of period and character elegance. If you’re inspired by the charm of manor houses like Knebworth and Hatfield, why not recreate the stately beauty of these period properties in your own home with the skilled services of Hertfordshire sash windows specialist Box Sash?

We’ve proudly supplied the borough’s homes with quality sash windows since 1979, bringing the beauty of years gone by to both traditional and newer homes built in the period style.

What benefits do sash windows offer?

Traditional sliding sash windows became popular in Georgian times and have prevailed until the modern day, such is their timeless appeal. Contemporary, professionally handmade sliding sash windows are still manufactured with quality timber frames, just as they were in bygone times, the difference being that techniques and materials have since advanced greatly.

Manufacturers are now able to source the best-quality timber from sustainable sources in a matter of days, while skills have been honed and perfected to ensure that today’s sash windows are built to withstand the test of time. Double glazed as standard with safety glass, modern windows are far more secure, energy efficient and soundproof than their predecessors.

Sliding sash windows can also be customised to suit different tastes and property styles, finished in a wide variety of colours and with fittings in brass, chrome and copper, as well as bespoke options. There are various glazing choices too; as well as standard safety glass, there are laminated, toughened, noise proof and even stained glass options to choose from if you want to tailor your windows to your exact requirements.

Choosing the right sash window installer

When it comes to selecting the right sash window company, there’s lots of choice available, and it’s not always easy to narrow things down. To make sure that the firm you choose is reputable and has the skills and service to meet your needs, consider the following before making any commitments:

  • Are the company details credible? When researching a sash window provider, look for markers of credibility, such as the company address and telephone number, preferably a landline. It’s also worth checking out the firm’s website to learn more about what the company offers and see examples of past projects.
  • How long has the firm been in business? A company that has been trading for a number of years has shown a level of success to have made it this far, so use this insight when making your decision.
  • Are the testimonials positive? The company may have reviews on their website, or there may be customer accounts elsewhere online, such as on the company’s social media profiles. Be aware that not every review will be glowing, as is the nature of business.
  • Does the company provide any extra benefits? To achieve maximum value, it’s worthwhile finding out whether customers are entitled to any specific benefits, such as guarantees that provide protection and offer replacements in the event that parts of the window fail.

If you have any questions about sash windows or installation, or would like to book in a no-obligation quote, contact the team at Box Sash today.