Sash windows Hampshire

If you’re inspired by the stately beauty of Hampshire’s very own piece of history Highclere House – the famous setting of Downton Abbey – why not bring a little period drama into your own home with Hampshire sash windows specialist Box Sash?

A beautifully elegant addition to older homes, or to newer properties built in the period style, sash windows are an investment designed to withstand the test of time. Traditionally timber framed, sash windows first became popular in Georgian times and have retained their appeal up to the modern day. However, unlike their predecessors of yesteryear, contemporary sash windows are made with up-to-the-minutes techniques and built to last for decades – if not longer.

Style and substance

Traditional sash windows are still made from timber, the difference being that manufacturers today have a wider choice of materials and can source the highest quality timber in a matter of days, whereas hundreds of years ago the process would have taken weeks or months. The timber is cut to size and styled to perfectly match your property, with a range of coloured paints and finishes.

Professional sash window companies have the expertise to design and craft bespoke windows to reflect your requirements, giving you maximum control over the appearance of your new windows. From the interior mouldings to the external glazing horns, your windows can be tailored to your taste. Fittings are also available in a range of finishes, including brass, copper and chrome, while bespoke options are available on request.

Glazing possibilities are also unrestricted – the standard finish for quality sash windows is double glazed safety glass but there are various other options, including laminated or toughened glass, obscured varieties to provide privacy and even stained glass if you want your windows to create a real impact.

How to choose sash windows

Choosing your new windows can be a difficult feat when there are so many companies to pick from. To narrow down your choice, make sure the firms you consider are reputable by checking that their basic information is readily available. Look for the company’s name, address, phone number and website to make sure that they check out. Finding out when the firm was established can also be helpful as this provides an idea of the company’s success to date.

Recommendations and reviews can be useful in guiding the decision-making process; read testimonials on the company’s website and see what you can find online – social media profiles can be insightful when assessing other customers’ experiences and getting an idea of what’s in store, should you decide to proceed with the company.

The window manufacturer should provide all the information you need in terms of available styles, timeframes, costs and more, and it’s also worth asking about any guarantees – the companies most confident in their work often provide parts guarantees for a number of years, or even for the window’s lifetime, offering the peace of mind that your investment is protected.

If you need any more information about sash windows in Hampshire, or would like to arrange a no-obligation quote, contact the friendly team at Box Sash today.