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Esses sash windows

Period property is known for its understated style and versatile functionality, and nothing quite captures these very British architectural characteristics in the same way as sash windows. Box Sash is proud to have produced sash windows in Essex and the surrounding areas for decades, giving the county’s properties a touch of class since 1972.

Whether you live in a historic property or a modern home built in the period style, sash windows can be a beautiful investment, providing years of instant appeal and efficient service. With a range of styles, colours and fixtures to choose from, sash windows can be tailored to your tastes while fitting in seamlessly with the style of your property.

The benefits of sash windows

Sash windows are known for their period allure – these traditional windows have sliding glass panels operated by pulleys, bringing a bit of old-fashioned charm to contemporary lifestyles. However, the beauty of sash windows isn’t all they have to offer – there are various benefits to installing this classic window style in your home.

Traditional sash windows are still made with quality heavy timber, chosen for its durability, but the glazing choices of today are more advanced than the options available hundreds of years ago. Instead of single glass panels, newer styles of sash window are usually double glazed with safety glass, which can help make properties more secure, soundproof and energy efficient.

Sash windows also require very little in the way of upkeep – regular cleaning and occasional maintenance of the moving parts can ensure that your windows stand the test of time, with typical lifespans of 60 years or more. Plus, with a lifetime parts guarantee, your sash windows can last even longer, providing optimum peace of mind.

Reputable sash window fitting in Essex

The first step to updating your property’s windows is to find a reputable company known for their skills and service. There are various sash window fitters in Essex, so choosing the right company for you may be no easy task – asking for recommendations from local friends or family members can be a good place to start.

If recommendations aren’t easy to come by, do a bit of research into local sash window companies – the Internet is a useful tool for finding local businesses and ratings. Once you’ve settled on a company, see if they check out by ensuring their address, telephone number and website details are clear and easy to find. It’s also worthwhile finding out when the company was established, as this can be a good indicator of their success to date.

Before committing to a window fitter, you might want to visit the company’s website and have a read through the testimonials. Alternatively, look for reviews online – social media profiles can be handy for providing an insight into the experiences of past customers, giving you an idea of what to expect if you decide to deal with the company. In the meantime, if you have any questions about sash windows, or would like a free quote, feel free to contact the friendly team at Box Sash.

Key Benefits


Crafted from the highest quality prime African hardwood, our windows and doors offer a range of unparralleled beauty and performance with lifetime guarantees.


Our windows and doors are double glazed with safety glass, and come with a premium quality locking system for your complete peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Our beautiful traditional timber windows require minimal care and attention to keep them looking and working in premium condition for a lifetime.


We use seasoned prime natural African hardwood from Forestry Stewardship Council certified sustainable sources, combining elegance with environmental responsibility.

Lifetime Guarantee

For complete peace of mind our superior quality timber products come with a lifetime guarantee, plus a 5 year guarantee on all parts, all insured by the Independant Warranty Association.


Featuring classic mouldings, traditional timber horns, and counter-balance, pulley and cord systems, our inidvidually crafted windows and doors deliver a truly authentic feel.


Our products are finished with a high quality micorporus paint,  offering optimum, long-term resistance to the elements and easy maintenance.


Combining style and performance, our windows and doors are designed for maximum comfort and sealed against draughts, damp air, noise pollution and dust.

Energy Efficiency

A traditional product does not mean compromising on modern performance. Our flush sealed Argon filled windows prevent heat loss, helping you lower your energy bills. Beauty and performance combined.

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