East Sussex

Sash windows East Sussex

East Sussex has long been known for its beautiful beaches and variety of historic stately properties, such as the imposing Herstmonceux Castle and literary landmark Bateman’s. The age-old beauty of the county is integral to its appeal and East Sussex sash window specialist Box Sash is proud to have brought the charm of yesteryear to homes throughout the region since 1972.

The county’s architecture is testament to quintessential British style throughout the ages and nothing quite captures the understated elegance we’re so well known for than traditional box sash windows. Popularised in Georgian times and increasingly sought after in the modern era, sash windows add instant period appeal to both traditional and newer properties.

What benefits do sash windows offer?

Tall, elegant and attractive, sash windows flood rooms with light and are easy to operate with very little ongoing maintenance. Professionally crafted and installed sash windows offer a range of benefits, including:

Energy efficiency

Sash windows that are well made and fitted can make a property more airtight, preventing draughts and heat loss. This, in turn, can ensure maximum energy efficiency and reduce the cost of heating bills.

Improved security

The majority of modern windows are double glazed and many are fitted with safety glass. Strong and durable, sash windows can help enhance the security of your property in comparison with single glazed options.

Easy maintenance

Sash windows are characterised by their sliding panels, which can be moved using traditional pulleys and strings. With regular cleaning and occasional maintenance of the moving parts, sash windows can last beautifully for years.

Value for money

Quality windows that are fitted by a professional are an investment for the long term. Sash windows can provide years of service, especially if they come with the peace of mind that guaranteed parts bring.

Top tips for choosing sash windows

With so many window companies to choose from, selecting the manufacturer for your investment is no easy feat. To make the process easier, follow our top tips for choosing sash windows that meet your needs.

Check out the company’s credentials: It’s important to choose a reputable window installation company, so make sure that the basic information like address, telephone number and website are easily accessible – otherwise, proceed cautiously.

Look for recommendations: A local friend or relative might be able to recommend a company to you; if not, spend some time researching testimonials or other online reviews to see what experiences might be in store.

Ask about benefits: Some companies have unique selling points, like a wide colour scheme, bespoke services or parts guarantees to protect your investment for years to come. Ask about customer benefits before making a commitment.

Measure business success: The success of a business isn’t always easy to measure but the date the company was established is a good indicator. The older the firm, the longer it’s had to learn its trade, overcome challenges and hone its service offering.

For advice about sash windows, or for a free, no-obligation quote, contact the friendly team at Box Sash today.