Cambridgeshire sash windows

Sash windows in Cambridgeshire aren’t hard to come by; many of the borough’s most beautiful and well-known buildings are fitted with these most quintessential of British window styles, including Wimpole Hall, Peckover House and Kimbolton Castle. Dating back to Georgian times, sash windows add a timeless elegance to the borough’s homes and buildings.

Sash Box has been crafting and fitting stylish sash windows in Cambridgeshire since 1972. Decades later, sash windows continue to be a popular property investment, offering a variety of benefits in addition to being a beautiful feature that captures the understated charm of British architecture.

Bespoke box sash windows

Home is where the heart is, and everyone wants where they live to reflect their own style and taste. Both traditional properties and newer homes built in the period style are complemented by the timeless appeal of box sash windows, fitting in seamlessly with the character of a property but with enough scope in the design process to reflect individual preferences.

Bespoke windows made by qualified professionals are not only measured to fit but matched to the external and internal features of the property, from the glazing bars and horns on the outside of the window to the interior mouldings.

To personalise the windows, it’s often possible to choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, as well as different styles of fittings, The glazing can also be personalised – choose from standard double glazed safety glass, laminated, toughened or even stained glass, for example. For something completely different, why not request something bespoke that suits your unique style?

How to choose a sash window fitter

Sash windows can be a valuable investment when made and fitted properly, providing years of use with very little maintenance. The first step to enjoying the benefits of sash windows in your property is to choose a reputable manufacturer, known for their skill and service. Ask for recommendations and spend some time researching to find a company you can trust.

A credible window fitting company will have an address, telephone number and usually a website too, so check that all of these details match up. How long the company has been trading is another important indicator of their success to date – the longer the company has been around, the better known they may be, and the greater chance of finding recommendations and reviews from the years gone by.

Online testimonials can be a useful source of information about the window installation firm, providing an insight into the experiences of past customers and an idea of what to expect from the company. It’s also a good idea to find out if the firm you’re thinking of using offers any guarantees – window installers confident in the quality of their work often guarantee parts for a number of years, or even for the window’s lifetime.

If you’d like to learn more about sash window fitting services in Cambridgeshire, contact the team at Box Sash Windows today – we’ll be happy to answer your questions or provide a free, no-obligation quote.