Buckinghamshire sash windows

Sliding sash windows are the perfect combination of period form and modern function. Popularised in Georgian times, this traditionally tall, stately and quintessentially British window style makes the perfect finishing touch to an older property, or a new home built in the character style.

Buckinghamshire sash window company Box Sash is an expert in the field. Supplying and fitting traditional sash windows in and around Buckinghamshire since 1979, our longstanding reputation for quality precedes us. Professionally made by experienced craftspeople and fitted by qualified installers, our sash windows come with a lifetime parts guarantee for the peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time.

What are the benefits of sash windows?

It can be difficult to see past the attractive exterior of box sash windows, such is their understated, elegant style, but beneath the external appearance are many underlying benefits well worth considering if you’re thinking about having sash windows fitted in your home.

The bespoke nature of professionally made windows means that you can tailor the style to match your personal preference, from picking out a unique colour scheme to choosing from a variety of glazing options, including stained, laminated and toughened glass.

Standard sash windows are usually fitted with double glazed safety glass, which provides protection from draughts and helps reduce noise pollution, as well as being more secure than single glazing in terms of protecting your property. Most sliding sash windows are also fitted with special locks for extra security.

Modern sash windows are often made with hardwearing, high-quality timber that lasts – at Box Sash Company, we use sustainably sourced, durable African hardwood for our frames, which can be expertly carved and moulded to suit the style of your property, both internally and externally.

How to choose the best sash window installers

Sash windows can add timeless beauty to any property but it’s not always easy to choose the right installer to craft and fit your windows – how can you be sure that the company is reputable and that your windows will last? The best way to determine the professionalism of your window fitter is through research – ask for recommendations, read reviews and make sure all the details you need are readily available.

Head online and seek out information for an easy way to find out more about sash window installers in your area. Check that the company provides all the necessary details – such as a telephone number, address and website – and see how long they’ve been in business for a rough idea of their success so far. Visiting the firm’s social media profiles can be helpful, too, providing a glimpse into the experiences of previous customers.

The company may include testimonials on their website that highlight past successes, as well as reviews and ratings elsewhere online, which can be helpful when making a decision about hiring a window installer. For advice about sash window installation, or for a free quote, contact the friendly team at Box Sash today.