Architectural Trends To Watch This Year

By January 30, 2020 No Comments

The UK government wants to see even more new homes being constructed, and one thing that housing minister Esther McVey is keen to encourage is using modern methods of construction. On a recent visit to a factory in Leeds, which will specialise in producing modular homes once it’s up and running, she stressed the importance of embracing these new techniques.

Speaking after visiting the Legal & General Modular Factory in Leeds Ms McVey commented: “Homes built using modern methods can be of higher quality, greener and built to last. With our emphasis on safety, quality and beauty, the North of England could be the global leader in modern methods of construction.”

Modern methods of construction were recently named as one of the top architectural trends to watch in 2020 in an article for Architecture & Design. Joe Snell, an ambassador and architect for James Hardie, said that there are a number of benefits to taking this approach.

“One of the biggest opportunities from this change is more quality control and more time in the design phase, which all add up to fewer excuses for poor design and inefficient building,” he stated.

As well as new construction methods becoming more widely adopted in the industry, there will also be a greater focus on improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of our buildings.

Windows are set to be a key component of this, Christine Evans, marketing director at Stegbar, told the news provider.

She stressed that research has found that up to 40 per cent of heat escapes from our homes through our windows, but that this can be reduced by nearly 30 per cent simply by installing double glazing.

“Building regulations will continue to push green building, new technologies in glazing and improved product engineering and design,” Ms Evans asserted.

“This will facilitate better energy efficiency within the home and reduce the reliance on artificial climate controls,” she added.

For anyone who’s in a period property, looking at how to improve the efficiency of your glazing can seem challenging, especially when you have features like sash windows. You don’t have to replace these features with modern, uPVC framed windows, however, as simply installing new timber frames and glazing could make all the difference.

That means investing in new sash windows in Oxfordshire, or wherever you live, could improve the energy efficiency of your home and mean that you not only save money on your heating but that your property is also a more comfortable place to live.

Another trend that’s expected to grow in 2020 is that of making best use of small spaces. In many properties space, and particularly garden space, is at a premium. But we’re becoming more creative about how we approach this, including by introducing the likes of vertical gardens and even built-in garden furniture.

From an eco-friendly perspective, another issue that architects and designers will be looking to tackle is that of water consumption. This can be reduced by something as simple as introducing taps and showerheads that reduce water consumption, the article for Architecture and Design stated.

In fact, being more environmentally friendly is something that many people will be trying to incorporate into their homes and daily lives.

An article for Furniture Choice recently offered some advice for homeowners who are looking for ways in which to make their homes more eco-friendly.

One of the tips is to use natural materials in home decor. This could be as simple as choosing timber frames for your windows, rather than ones made of plastic, or it could involve opting for things like wooden furniture or fabrics like linen or cotton.

Rebecca Snowdon, interior design adviser at the firm, said that people’s love of nature makes these popular options.

“The calming elements of nature are a welcome respite to the senses in the chaotic world that we live in,” she stated. “Decorating with natural materials such as wood, cotton and linen establishes a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere when you combine it with the right amount of natural lighting, greenery and colour palette,” she added.

Another of her top tips for interior design this year is to incorporate plants into your home wherever possible. This has a number of benefits, from creating a welcoming appearance to purifying the air you breathe.

Ms Snowdon noted that you can take this one step further by growing herbs, fruits and vegetables in your home. This can help you become more sustainable in your eating and cooking habits, which is another trend to watch in 2020. She added that you don’t need a lot of space to get started. Just a couple of pots of herbs is a good place to begin.