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Below you will find answers to questions we are frequently asked regarding timber sash windows, casements and doors. If you have your own questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us either by e-mail or by telephone on 01753 858196.

What type of Window is best?

It depends on the age and style of your property. Our surveyor would be more than happy to offer advice.

What material is best?

Timber, a natural material that will last indefinitely when maintained properly.

timber FAQ - Our ProductsTimber, what is my choice? Softwood? Hardwood? Processed?

We use Prime Hardwood.

Softwood requires preservative treatment before it is used. Because more and more ingredients are banned for ecological and safety reasons, preservatives are becoming less effective.

Accoya is not a natural timber at all, it is softwood which is placed in a machine to split it up and then the small pieces are compacted to together.

Hardwood has the advantage of containing natural tannin and other natural preservatives, which make the timber naturally long lasting and weather resistant.

Which is the best finish for exposed timber surfaces?

You have quite a choice of both stains and paints. The protection offered by stains is proportional to the presence of colour in them. The darker the stain, the better the protection. Light stains offer little protection, and are not recommended for the outside surfaces of a window.

Acrylic or micro-porous paints are water based and penetrate the timber. They allow the timber to breathe; which eliminates flaking and makes the timber far more weather resistant.

Our paints are silk furnish and are available in a range of colour’s. Gloss paints are spirit based and do not penetrate the timber; which eventually leads to flaking.

How do I maintain my timber sash windows, casements or doors?

IMPORTANT – Inspect twice a year, preferably before and after Winter. Visit www.boxsash.com and confirm you have done so.

With regular inspection as above and with painting every five to seven years, timber windows can be well  maintained.

Acrylic or micro-porous painted timber require a wipe over to clean, and one coat of paint, making maintenance very simple.

Gloss painted timber windows require complete removal of previous coats, back to bare wood, before repainting with primer, undercoat and two topcoats. Special care should be taken to prevent build-up in corners to make sure there is no interference with movement of the sashes. We do not recommend that you re-paint using oil based paints.

dglazed FAQ - Our ProductsCan you really match single glazed sash windows with replacement double glazed timber windows?

Yes, we can – Double or Triple glazed units can be used with Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian timber glazing beads and bars to preserve the character of your house, perfectly.

How do I get rid of draughts and noise?

Your sash windows can be manufactured with special internal nylon seals which cut out some 95% of air flow and keep most of the dust and noise out.

Acoustic glass may be used on the outside of your double glazed unit.

What will the special seals do to the traditional appearance of my windows?

The seals are made of white nylon, molded into a timber profile and finished to match the frame. So they too contribute to preserving the traditional character.

How can I make sure that I acquire sash windows that meet all the important performance criteria?

All of our sash windows meet the following standards:-

B.S. Kitemark
BS 6375 & BS 5368 part 1 – Air permeability.
BS 6375 & BS 5368 part 2 – Water tightness.
BS 6375 & BS 5368 part 3 – Wind resistance, strength and safety. For more details, click on Company History & Accreditation.