FAQ – How We Work

Below you will find answers to questions we are frequently asked regarding timber sash windows, casements and doors. If you have your own questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us either by e-mail or by telephone on 01753 858196.

How much will the work cost?

It depends on many factors, for example:

  • The size and type of the sash windows, hinged casements or doors that you would like to replace.
  • The level of service you choose.
  • The age of your house, and if there are obstacles to overcome by our installers, e.g. structural.

Our Surveyor can provide you with a no obligation Best Advice Report and Quotation. To do that he will need to visit the property and go through things with you. This will take an hour or two, depending on the complexity.

If you would like to discuss this with a Surveyor CLICK HERE.

doors FAQ - How We WorkIf I do order, how do I know exactly what I’m getting?

Once you’ve decided to order, you’ll get a proper order form, fully setting out what you have chosen from our range of timber sash windows, casements and doors:

  • The designs
  • The Wood
  • The glazing
  • The paint
  • The level of service
  • The timing and the agreed fixed price

A copy of this form also goes to our administration, survey, manufacturing, installation, after sales service and accounts department. Everyone knows exactly what you have ordered and the system is constantly checked.Human error is rare and is quickly spotted and corrected.

1-6-4 FAQ - How We WorkDo you want a deposit?

Yes. This is because all our sash windows, casements and doors are bespoke ? tailor made specially for the apertures at your house. The material cannot be re-used. If you wish, you can phase the deposit (ask our surveyor).

All deposits are insured by Lloyds of London. The surveyor will give you a certificate in your name (paid for by us). It is impossible for you to lose your deposit.

Do you do discounts?

  1. It’s difficult for us to ask a skilled craftsmen to work at a lower rate because the customer wants a discount. So the answer is:-
  2. Regarding inflated prices – (money added on the price to take off:) NO WE DO NOT WORK THAT WAY.
  3. Money SAVED because, for example, of volume, timing, location. We will pass this on if a GENUINE SAVING IS MADE. It is up to you if you want to help us make a saving, and then you can have this in full.

Offers: like any organisation, we experience potential gaps in our order book, products are over-ordered or in short supply, etc, all which may alter our carefully worked out programs. We adjust this situation by making periodic customer offers. Check with the surveyor for what’s available.

How long does it take to fit?

The surveyor can give you an approximation, but we need to start the installation on site before we know for certain. Every house, every window/door is different.

Do I need to take time off work for the installation?

No, as long as we have access. You would need to be there at the start and at the finish.

How do I pay?

Before the installation starts we will send you a statement/bill showing all deposit/s and the balance due. You will have time to query this before we start if you do not agree with the figures.

When the fitter first comes to site he will ask you to confirm that you have agreed the bill with our accounts department. He will have a copy of the statement/bill.

You pay him, the installer before he finally leaves the job. We are in regular communication with him.

You can pay by credit or debit card, Banker’s draft, cleared cheque or cash.

I don’t know about handing over money to workmen?

We literally guarantee it’s safe with our craftsmen. All our installers are responsible family men and most have been with us some ten-fifteen years.

1-6-1 FAQ - How We WorkCan I pay by credit card?

Phone our installation department and lodge your card details when our installer first arrives. We will then inform him if it is OK to proceed. The money will then be debited to your card at the end of the installation.

Does the installer make a mess?

He is undertaking building work, so be prepared for some dust and debris. He will remove all old sash windows, casements and doors from your property before he leaves. We will cover up your furniture, but please take sensible precautions and remove any valuable or sensitive items away from this scene. Afterwards he will make a good clean up, but it will probably take another regular type of clean or two to get everything back to normal. What about the old sash windows.

Can we reuse them?

No. They usually fall apart, when taken out.

How do I get rid of them?

We remove them, and any other rubbish, to the tip for you. A service which is included in the price.

What’s my guarantee?

Over and above your full consumer rights you receive a parts Lifetime Guarantee. This exclusive guarantee is insured by the Independent Warranty Association for the first ten years, at no cost to you.

Can I pass on my Guarantee?

Yes, Online! Click onto Change of Guarantee Holder. It’s yet another plus point towards your house value.

attent FAQ - How We WorkWhat if something needs attention later?

Contact our dedicated Service Department. We can usually put it right there and then, on the first call out.

What does the double glazing or triple glazing look like in timber sash windows, hinged casements and doors?

An integral part of out attention to detail is to minimise the appearance of double glazing and triple glazing. Ours is the most discreet available anywhere.

We asked the National Physical Laboratory to test our unique, patented, sealed glass units.

These comply with the government’s new energy management regulations.

Coupled with slim timber glazing bars our sash windows, casements and doors are as authentic as can be.

Is the wood treated?

No need! Hardwood contains it’s own natural preservative.

Are the new sash windows painted?

Yes. We carefully apply three coats in controlled factory environment. Thereafter, over-coating or touching in on-site is very quick and easy.

Can you paint any old timber parts that are not removed?

We undercoat any bare timber, to protect it until you redecorate in the future. We can recommend reliable decorators.

What’s the finished work going to look like?

Ask our surveyor for installations to look at, or click onto Case Studies, part of on-line literature to get some idea.

What about the value of my house?

Period and character houses hold their prices better than modern ones. In today’s market keeping up maintenance in a profession way, and re-placing modern features with ones authentic to the original design, is the way to maximise value.

What’s your company’s experience?

Over 30 years. The company has over 60,000 installations to its credit.